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The Last Sacred Place In North America
Winner of the New American Poetry Prize (New American Press, 2012), selected by T.R. Hummer.
“Stephen Haven is a poet of incisive discipline deployed in the service of a passionate humanistic ethos. Every word in this collection reflects concern: concern for humanity, and concern for language, humanity’s best hope. Global in vision, this worried book is unflinching, yet hopeful…”
                                                                                                 ~~T.R. Hummer
Carol Derby
October 20, 2012
“In The Last Sacred Place in North America Stephen Haven has built a seaworthy vessel, a container ship for everything from Ping Pong to the California Plum, from George Inness to Mark Rothko. I would confidently appoint a number of these poems to dwell in a time capsule to represent the turn of the 20th to 21st century in North America, while others could capably serve aboard some satellite as an introduction to intelligent life on Earth.”
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